Remeber when TV was good? I do and here is some of the best from yesteryears 70's sitcoms...

1. George and Mildred

George and Mildred Roper are forced to leave their home in South Kensington

when they receive a compulsory purchase order from the council. Mildred talks George into buying a nice middle-class house in suburbia, and they move next door to Jeffrey and Ann Fourmile. Unfortunately, Mildred's dream of upward mobility seems doomed to failure, as George relentlessly embarrasses her in every way possible. Poor Mildred not only has to cope with George's gormless behavior, she has to try and deal with the the snobbish Jeffrey as well as her rich-bitch sister Ethel and mad old mum.

2. The Good Life

On his 40th birthday to be precise, Tom Good decides that he's had enough of the rat race and that he and wife Barbara will become self-sufficient.

The pair convert their garden into a farm, get in the pigs and chickens, grow their own crops and on one memorable occasion, try to dye their own wool with nettles.

Tom and Barbara would just be lone loons were it not for their neighbours, the henpecked Jerry Leadbetter and wife Margot, a social climber who cannot bear chickens wandering the back garden.

3. Steptoe and son

Classic 1960s British comedy series about a middle aged man and his elderly father who run an unsuccessful 'rag and bone' business (collecting and selling junk). Harold (the son) wants to better himself but his father always seems to ruin things, sometimes accidentally and other times deliberately. The two live in poverty and the father has some disgusting habits which continue to embarrass the son.

4. Are You Being Served

While appearing in It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes, Darling, writer and performer Jeremy Lloyd met comedy producer David Croft and touting for work, mentioned his idea for a new sitcom based upon his experience in the 1950s working in department store Simpson of Piccadilly.

Recognising the idea's potential, Croft insisted he be brought in as co-writer and a pilot edition was created for Comedy Playhouse in 1972. This lead to a full run, kicking off the following year.

Set in the antiquated Grace Brothers department store, the show followed the OTT antics of its staff.

5. Robin's Nest

In the first episode Robin and Vicky, who share a flat over a Chinese take-away, discover that the tenants have disappeared owing rent to the landlord, Vicky's father James Nichols. It is the practical Vicky who comes up with the perfect solution: Robin should take over the take-away and convert it into a bistro (The "Robin's Nest" of the title). Robin cannot afford to go it alone so he has to go cap-in-hand to Vicky's father, James Nicholls to ask him to be his business partner. Although Nicholls disapproves of Robin (believing him to be beneath his daughter), he knows a sensible business deal when it is offered to him – despite his failings, Robin is a brilliant chef – and he agrees. Lots of tension and misunderstandings are to arise from their mismatched relationship.

6. On The Buses

Jack-the-lad bus driver and conductor Stan and Jack enjoy the female employees more than their work and Inspector Blake is relentless in his attempts to make their lives a misery.

7. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Accident-prone Frank Spencer fails to navigate the simplest tasks of daily life, while also trying to look after his wife and baby.

8. Porridge

The prison life of Fletcher, a criminal serving a five-year sentence, as he strives to bide his time, keep his record clean, and refuses to be ground down by the prison system.

9. Dad's Army

During WW2,in a fictional British seaside town,a ragtag group of Home Guard local defense volunteers prepares for an imminent German invasion.

10. Rising Damp

Popular sitcom set in a seedy bedsit lorded over by the mean, vain, boastful, cowardly landlord Rigsby. In each episode, his conceits are debunked by his long suffering tenants.


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