THE scorching heatwave looks set to be replaced with thunderous downpours as the glorious weather comes to an end.

Heatwave OVER: UK weather warnings issued for rain, lightning and floods from Thursday

The searing temperatures are set to nose dive, with showers and thunderstorms predicted to sweep England and Wales. 

After record temperatures saw parts of the UK bask in temperatures not seen since June 1976, the rain will be back on Thursday, starting in Scotland and Ireland before reaching northern England. Friday and Saturday

 will bring further rain, with only parts of the south-east standing a chance of getting any sun. 

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain in the Midlands, northern England and north Wales. 

weather warning rain heatwave U

Miss Devon, Becky Wright (17) enjoys the sunshine and hot weather at the Paignton beach in Devon. June 20, 2017

They warned “torrential downpours, frequent lightning, very large hail and strong gusts of wind” were expected. 

The dismal weather could also lead to disruption on the roads and public transport. 

Another yellow warning for rain has been issued for Thursday, also covering London and the south-east, with torrential downpours expected - in particular across the east Midlands. 

weather warning rain heatwave UK

There is the added risk of localised flooding in these areas, with disruption to power supplies due to lighting strikes. 

Nearly a month’s worth of rain is forecast to drench the worst affected areas.

Met Office forecaster Grahame Madge said: “Quite a heavy belt of thundery showers will be moving eastwards and that behind it will pull in slightly cooler fresher air.

This will obviously lead to disruption

Grahame Madge

“Torrential downpours on Wednesday will affect some locations in the Midlands and North, with extensive thunderstorms, up to 40mm of rain in an hour and frequent lightning. 

“This will obviously lead to disruption.”

The gloomy forecast is in stark contrast to the glorious weather enjoyed in the UK earlier this week, which saw Heathrow reach 34C. 

weather warning rain heatwave UK

Some parts of the UK were hotter than Algeria, with those celebrating the summer solstice enjoying a scorcher. 

Mr Madge earlier this week, said: “Temperatures are already high and could go higher.

“People should take care in the heat, drink plenty of water and avoid excessive exercise.

weather warning rain heatwave UK

“The Glastonbury Festival looks like seeing 30C on Wednesday and the outside possibility of a thunderstorm, with light rain on Saturday.”

The festival, which has infamously turned into a wash-out with rivers of mud in previous years, looks to be spared the worst of the bad weather. 

Festival-goers are tentatively optimistic the good weather could hold for the thousands at Worthy Farm.


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