Schitts Creek The Netflix Show Could Become A Reality

So you may of seen or heard about the fantastic show on Netflix called Schitts Creek? Its about a rich family who lost everything,  but a few years earlier purchased a small town and now down on their luck are forced to live there in a run down motel room, and now having to mix with the southern lower class folk... Its a great show.  But now back to reality!

A small town called Tiller in southwestern Oregon is for sale, well most of it. Yes you can buy six houses, the shuttered general store and gas station, the land under the post office, undeveloped parcels, water rights and infrastructure that includes sidewalks, fire hydrants and a working power station for $3.5 million. They also have a seperate school house for another $350.000.

Rumor has it that there has been several anonymous offers with more flooding in. Back in the day this was once a thriving logging outpost but sadly about 30 odd years ago environmental regulations and other circumstances milling came to an end.  One longtime resident brought up a lot of the properties as they emptyed and when he passed away his family owned a lot of this quaint little town.

Some 250 or so people live in the surrounding areas still and relied on the towns amenities lets just hope who ever buys it can keep it alive...


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